Southwestern Region Past Leadership

The first Southwestern Regional Vice President was Bro. A. Maceo Smith. Who also served as our 17th General President.

The Alpha Sigma Chapter seated at Wiley College is the oldest chapter in the Southwestern Region, chartered on April 6, 1925.

During the 1947 General Convention in Tulsa, Oklahoma the "Far Western" Region was born. Making way for the Southwest Region. The Southwest Region was once the Western Region, which was the region of Oklahoma & Texas, later adding Arkansas and Louisiana who was apart of the Southern Region.


A. Maceo Smith


First Southwestern Region Vice President

In 1953 the fraternity was seeking to purchase a building to house the national headquarters. Under the presidency of Bro. A. Maceo Smith, at the 39th General Convention it was voted to purchases the property belonging to Xi Lambda Chapter in Chicago, Ill. "I think of a home away from home..." said A Maceo Smith when asked about purchasing the property.



Our Districts

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Regional Vice Presidents




  1. *A. Maceo Smith # (17th)
  2. *Lloyd H. Williams, Sr.
  3. *Jesse S. Chandler
  4. *T. Winston Cole # (21st)
  5. *Wayne C. Chandler
  6. *Jacob T. Stewart
  7. *Ernest L. Wallace
  8. *Lillard G. Ashley, Sr.
  9. *Ozell Sutton # (26th)
  10. *Robert "Bob" M. King, Sr.
  11. *George W. Thompson
  12. *Charles Lewis
  13. *Raymond E. Carreathers
  14. Randall Palmer, III
  15. Adrian L. Wallace # (30th)
  16. Harry E. Johnson, Sr. # (31st)
  17. Terry J. German
  18. Terry L. Arrington
  19. Tophas Anderson
  20. Arthur McDade
  21. Roderick L. Smothers
  22. Maurice D. Gipson
  23. Tarrynce G. Robinson
  24. Jeramaine Netherly

Regional Assistant Vice Presidents



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